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Over 25 Years in the Bond Market

The yields below are what an investor should expect when investing in an AA-rated tax-exempt municipal bond. 

The DRL Group provides financial solutions to high-net worth individuals that align with their risk-tolerance and objectives of quality, safety, and liquidity. We develop long-term, income-oriented investment approaches. Our business reaches all 50 states and encompasses all publicly traded securities. We have extensive experience in trading in all different types of markets, including both liquidity and material events. The DRL Group is the actual “desk” that interacts with the Street, and because of that structure, we can offer superior pricing and higher yields. 

While we do a small portion of equity business, bonds are our primary focus. Our clients rely on the DRL Group to manage the debt portion of their assets base. Our #1 objective is to keep their money working tax-free while they continue running their businesses, focusing on their career or just enjoying retirement. Once we establish an account, we maintain close communication with our clients and, of course, monitor their existing investments.

Our goal is to tailor each portfolio to meet their desired rate of return based on market conditions. Many options exist in the municipal world to either create a new portfolio, or add to an existing one, by replacing securities that have been called or matured.  

With over 80 years of collective industry expertise, the DRL Group has persevered through significant ups and downs of the economy and the market. Since we are not owned by a bank or an insurance company, we sell no proprietary, high-commission products. Instead, the financial products we do offer are driven and determined by what is in the best interest of our clients. All of our operations are highly regulated. We are not owned by anyone but ourselves. Your investment funds are held at our custodian, National Financial Services, a 100%-owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments.

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Best Municipal Bond Money Management Firm in the United States

Best Municipal Bond Money Management Firm in the United States

2022 HBJ Member

2022 HBJ Member