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Have Your Current Bonds Analyzed

From time to time, the status and description of your municipal bonds can change. Some of the variables include:

Pre-Refundings - Call Status - Ratings - Valuations

Our MuniPOINTS system gathers information about your bonds in one organized, user-friendly report.

MuniPOINTS bond reports include (If available):

Issuer Summary - Key Facts - Use of Proceeds - Bond Security - Dated Date - Original Par Amount
Obligor(s) - Issuer - Issuer State - Issue Description - Bond Type - Security Type

Contact us at (866) 664-4040 to have your Municipal or Corporate Bonds analyzed.

As Municipal and Corporate Bond Specialists, The DRL Group does not offer, trade, sell or locate US Treasury's, Savings Bonds, Certificate of Deposit (CD's), Series "EE" Bonds, or "I" bonds. Should you have a certificate or investment product other than a Municipal bond, please contact your local bank.

We specialize in Municipal & Corporate bonds only. Should you have anything other than a MUNICIPAL bond, please contact your local bank. In addition, there is a $10,000 minimum face amount for the DRL Group to analyze your bonds.

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