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Trading Philosophy

The DRL Group maintains a performance-oriented culture, always adhering to clear and consistent investment practices. The group is committed to rigorous fundamental research, with a focus on constant awareness of current fixed-income market trends, pricing structures, and credit enhancements. We maintain sound relationships with other Broker Dealers, which result in best execution for our clients—the cornerstone of The DRL Group's investment philosophy.

While our clients ultimately make the final decisions for their individual portfolios, they work closely with The DRL Group's team, which includes sales and back office professionals as well as fixed income traders. We engage in a dynamic process of conveying and debating various investment strategies that meet our clients’ objectives.

This investment process prizes intellectual rigor, while leveraging the knowledge and skills of the DRL Group, and of course, the client. Our entire staff works as a group to provide fast, efficient and personalized service to each and every client. We strive to make every transaction a positive and profitable experience for our clients, while always maintaining regulatory and compliance standards.

Our team approach recognizes that individual accountability of each DRL Group associate combined with close client collaboration, is the foundation of success. The DRL Group believes that to meet our clients’ financial needs consistently, we must:

  • Understand each client’s investment objectives, risk tolerance, and time horizon
  • Draw on our broad-based market research and experience to deliver results
  • Invest with specialization at every level (meaning focusing on the “bid” side of the markets to deliver better execution, resulting in a higher rate of return)

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