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DRL Group/NewEdge Securities, Inc.

The DRL Group and The Relationship With NewEdge Securities, Inc.

You - The Client

We can best benefit each other in this relationship if you:

  • Provide information about your financial situation, needs, and goals such that The DRL Group can make appropriate recommendations that suit your objectives.
  • Understand trade confirmations, statements, financial planning or investment literature, prospectuses or any other documents and communicate any misunderstandings with The DRL Group.
  • Understand that while The DRL Group tries to minimize risk through fixed income investments that are typically insured, all investments have a degree of risk.

The DRL Group

  • Develops a personal relationship with you the client.
  • Strives to make financial planning and investment recommendations based upon your communicated needs and objectives in relation to Fixed Income investments.
  • Will make every effort to achieve “best execution” for both the sell and buy side of the trade.
  • Communicates information to you in a clear and comprehensive manner.

NewEdge Securities, Inc.

  • Maintains oversight, registration, and supervision of The DRL Group through their registered Broker Dealer NewEdge Securities, Inc.
  • Assists in opening, approving, and monitoring your accounts.
  • Interfaces and maintains the relationship with National Financial Securities as our custodian.
  • Supports The DRL Group in processing transactions and executing daily operations.
  • Maintains Fidelity Bond to protect your assets.

Clearing Firm - National Financial Services LLC (NFS) 

  • The custody, receipt, and delivery of funds and securities and execution, clearance, and settlement of securities transactions.
  • Prepares and sends periodic statements of your account and transaction confirmations.
  • 100% wholly owned by Fidelity Investments

Your broker/dealer has a relationship with National Financial Services LLC (NFS). NFS may provide trade execution, clearing, and other related services for your brokerage account. In this role, NFS distributes required and supplemental information to you regarding your account. If you have any questions regarding the information posted here, please contact your investment professional.

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