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Relationship With Clearing Firm

Your broker/dealer has a relationship with National Financial Services LLC (NFS) – a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments.  NFS may provide trade execution, clearing, and other related services for your brokerage account. In this role, NFS distributes required and supplemental information to you regarding your account. If you have any questions regarding the information posted here, please contact your investment professional.


Settling investment transactions and safeguarding these positions is the primary function of clearing house custody services, crucial to the orderly flow of business in the financial marketplaces. At National Financial Services (NFS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Fidelity Investments, safekeeping is essential to minimizing risks and ensuring investments are properly secure.

Safekeeping these assets is the first step; monitoring these positions by your investment advisor is equally essential to maximize investment objectives. Maintaining your securities at NFS allows traders at The DRL Group to efficiently steward these positions by monitoring asset class news critical to the marketability and value of your portfolio.

Viewing your positions with in-house access allows our traders to monitor MSRB pricing, and pending refundings, identify when matching positions trade in the marketplace, and manage portfolio client balances.

With our advanced technology capabilities and hands-on practice management, we monitor material events such as credit rating changes, pricing irregularities, upcoming calls and maturities, and news directly affecting your specific fixed-income investment. Our traders are “in the trenches" daily with over three decades of experience trading bonds. This expertise translates to critical knowledge and timing when reacting to market conditions and news in this asset class.

The advantage of this additional personal service is that it provides our clients with exceptional attention to their accounts which translates to achieving investing objectives.

We encourage all our clients to entrust their assets to NFS and, in doing so, take advantage of our watchful eye on your bond purchases.

National Financial Services LLC A guide to your brokerage account

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