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"At The DRL Group, we specialize in helping high-net-worth investors maximize tax-free returns by proactively maintaining their custom bond portfolios through all market conditions."

The DRL Group: 100% Committed to Your Fixed-Income Portfolio

The DRL Group specializes in bonds, primarily tax-free bonds. Approximately 80% of our transactions are in the tax-exempt sector, with 80% falling under the insured category. The other 20% of our business comes from Corporate Bond transactions, with 50% of those being in High Yielding Corporates.

Our specialty is acquiring bonds from dealers and then allocating them into retail accounts. We subsequently look for the perfect match (requested credit quality, yield, duration, and amount) within our client base for each bond. We focus mainly on the bid side of the market and then pass along the savings (resulting in higher yield) to you. Using this approach, we can show you a wide array of bonds in all 50 states, that meet your financial objectives.

Our goal is to tailor each portfolio to meet your desired rate of return based on market conditions. Many options exist in the municipal world to either create a new portfolio—or add to your existing one—by replacing bonds that have been called or matured.

To reiterate, "bonds are all we do." Our clients rely on us to manage the debt portion of their asset base. Our #1 objective is to keep your money working tax-free while you continue running your businesses, focusing on your career, or just enjoying retirement. Once we establish an account, we maintain close communication with you, and of course, monitor your existing investments.

We do not charge any management fees. Instead, we make our return from a nominal markup on bonds you purchase from The DRL Group. As stated above, you will also be avoiding broker fees as we are the actual "desk" that interacts with The Street. Because of this aspect of our trading patterns, we are confident we can offer you municipal products at better pricing, resulting in higher yields.

We welcome a phone conference if you are interested in knowing more about The DRL Group and its services.

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