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Our Trading Strategy

Our goal is to offer clients confidence in their Fixed-Income investing.

At The DRL Group, bonds are the primary focus. We provide our clients with eight-plus decades of municipal and corporate bond trading experience. Finding clients, the best yielding Fixed Income products that align with their investment parameters is always our top priority. Our overall strategy is to focus on the bid side of the transaction (see – The Hidden Marketplace for further clarification). Using this strategy, we eliminate third parties which could result in higher yields to our clients.

We do not charge management fees. Instead, we generate our margins from a nominal mark-up on bonds purchased from The DRL Group. Furthermore, our clients avoid broker fees, as we are the actual “trading desk” that interacts with The Street. This compensation structure eliminates the standard-practice mark-ups found at every level in traditional dealer firms. In most instances, DRL clients will receive a better execution price, which in turn, will result in a higher client return.

The DRL Group has systems in place to monitor daily market news and resulting bond activity. We proactively include our clients in weekly updates and offerings. In the current “stock-focused” environment, this strategy not only helps clients feel confident but enhances their understanding of the fixed-income marketplace.

Our #1 objective is to keep our client’s money working tax-free, but can also diversify with high yield and taxable securities. Accordingly, they can confidently rely on us to manage the debt portion of their portfolio.

The DRL Group is always accessible, with no pre-programmed messages, no long holds to speak with a live person, and no screening. When you call us, you will talk to a trader, decision-maker, and active market participant.

The DRL Group would be honored to help you achieve your fixed income needs.

Thank you,
The DRL Team

It would be our pleasure to customize a list of bond offerings to fit your investment objectives. Call us at (866) 664-4040 to request your personalized list of MUNICIPAL AND/OR TAXABLE bond offerings.

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